Ana María Navarrete and Marina Granziera host the show Deportes 360
Caracol Televisión strengthens its international signal with two news programs
04 de marzo de 2014

Deportes 360 and Viernes 360 are the new programs of the international channel of Caracol Televisión, which launched on February 26th and reaches 13 million homes around the world. Alejandro Bernal, manager of New Channels of Caracol Televisión, said the launch of these two shows is very important to Caracol Internacional. “Although the cover completely different topics, they complement well the taste and preferences of our audience. Sports, entertainment news, and analysis of current events, are the foundations of our opinion and exclusive content block,” he added. Hosted by Siad Char, Claudia Leonor Vesga and Luis Carlos Rueda, Viernes 360 offers viewers information of the world of entertainment, film, music, social media and the activities of celebrities. It airs Fridays at 10:30pm, Colombian time. Deportes 360 takes a 30-minute look at the news in the world of sports, both traditional and extreme, since the latter have been gaining popularity around the world. Ana María Navarrete and Marina Granziera host the show, which airs on Wednesdays at 10:30pm, Colombian time. Deportes 360 and Viernes 360, are supported by Alianza Informativa Latinoamericana (AIL) and join other channel programs in the same genre, such as América 360, Entérate and Polos Opuestos.