Karen Juliao, International Marketing director at Caracol Televisión

Caracol TV: Specialists in love stories

Marcela Tedesco / Jaime Quintero|22 de octubre de 2019

In the context of MIPCOM, Caracol Televisión presented to the industry a powerful offer led by La Reina de Indias y el Conquistador, El Hijo del Cacique, Amar y Vivir, and Bolívar, among others.

“The market has changed very much, but it always demands great love stories and we are specialists, we have the know-how to make these powerful stories that convey emotions," comments Karen Juliao, International Marketing director at Caracol Televisión.

“Additionally, we have been seeking, together with Caracol Televisión´s production company, co-productions for third parties. We also bring web series and documentaries like Sendero de la Anaconda to fulfill market needs.”

La Reina de Indias y el Conquistador (60x60´) is a superseries shot 100% on a location that revives the period of the conquest and reconstructs one of the first love stories that took place in America between an Indian woman and a Spanish conqueror.

Amar y Vivir (60x60´). An immortal love story accompanied by a catchy soundtrack. Irene, the singer of the band Los Milagrosos de la Plaza de Mercado, meets Joaquín, a new mechanic in the city. El Hijo del Cacique (80x60´). This is the story of a child whose biggest dream is to become a famous artist like his father. Ironically, his path to stardom will be full of difficulties, but, armed only with his great talent, he will reach a special place among the legends of popular music in his country.

Along with Bolívar, which, thanks to its good results on Netflix and the Colombian screen is of great interest. And La Reina del Flow for being nominated to an International Emmy.