Elefantec Global, owned by José “Pepe” Bastón, creates contents from Latin America and Turkey

Carlos Martínez joins Elefantec Global
31 de enero de 2020

Carlos Martínez and Jeff Symon join the production company Elefantec Global, owned by José “Pepe” Bastón, to create contents from Latin America and Turkey, reported Variety.

Bastón, former president of Televisa, joins forces with Martínez, former president of Fox Networks Group Latin America, to assume the role of Head of Distribution and Symon, who previously directed the content, distribution, licensing, and commercialization global business for Televisa, as COO of Elefantec. Carlos Sandoval (former Televisa), Antonio Alonso (former Televisa) and Daniel Ucros (former Sony) are also joining them.

With headquarters in Los Angeles, Miami and Mexico City, Elefantec revealed their first productions and talent relations when having their official debut in Natpe, starting with more than 50 properties from original media in development, including dramas, biographies, comedies, thrillers and scripted reality.

In the past year, Elefantec has built talent with creatives from Latin America and Turkey, such as Gustavo Loza, Mauricio Argüelles, Gastón Portal, Adriana Bello, and Inci Gülen. Elefantec aims at having their creative partners become their own talent centers.

Additionally, they have an original format, a Turkish Latino drama, which they are developing in partnership with the Turkish production company Stellar Yapim. Together they have an initial list of five new drama series in Spanish, more than 60 hours of duration: Betrayed, Rosa, I’m a Mother, Cuts Like a Knife and Twist of Fate. They will be written, produced and shot in Spanish in Turkey and will include the main Latino talents.

Another dramatic series is Tatuajes, which will tell the stories behind each tattoo. Additionally, they have Sugar Daddy, created by Loza, a half-hour comedy that explores how the elderly rich offer gifts to young women in exchange for their company.

Likewise, they acquired the rights of La Pasión del Mundo, live TV multimedia, cinema, digital and live acting programmed for 2021, based on the story of Alfredo Jiménez, the Mexican rancheras singer-songrwiter.