Christian Peralta, Chief Customer Officer, indicated that between 2018 and 2022 all SVOD platforms grew

Christian Peralta of BB Media: Annual losses from online piracy represent US$1,684 million
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|26 de octubre de 2022

Christian Peralta, Chief Customer Officer of BB Media led the talk, “Ok Google, Where is the Entertainment Industry Heading?” and he highlighted that his company monitors 1.4 million content in the world.

He reported that between 2018 to Q2 2022, there has been an 86% growth in OTT. And also that in Latin America 8.6 out of 10 of those with the Internet are consuming video online.

He indicated that between 2018 and 2022 all SVOD platforms grew. Among the reasons, he mentioned the pandemic, new launches of SVOD and AVOD platforms, multiple advertising options, news, and prices in local currency.

For Q2 of this year, Peralta pointed out that a growth slowdown of the platforms begun to be noticed due to inflation in the region, account sharing, the cost of the platforms, the return to regular activities, and therefore, less time at home, penetration of fixed broadband reaching the ceiling and an increase in the offer (AVOD, new launches, and FAST channels).

Peralta mentioned that in the region, the user pays for 2.08 platforms per month (Q2 2022). "The elasticity of demand against the price on the platforms is very low," he pointed out.

Two of the main reasons for users to unsubscribe from a streaming service are cost and lack of time. "All of these factors are leading to piracy," he said.

He reported that 29.5 million households in Latin America are accessing content through illegal platforms (34.30% of households with Internet); 57% of households that consume online piracy have contracted a pay TV service, and annual losses due to online piracy represent US$1,684 million.

In his presentation, Peralta also mentioned that gaming is added as the vertical of the new generation and the metaverse will be where all this comes together.

During BB Media Day there was also the participation of Laura Tapias, VP of the Americas of Applicaster who talked about the challenge of programming in the streaming era, and Luciano Zarlenga, Chief Analytics Officer of BB Media, who led the presentation “Nightmare on OTT’s street: An Analysis from the Consumer.”