Izzy González, director Cross Platforms Sales for the US of CNN en Español

CNN en Español: Proud of the double-digit quarterly growth of our channel
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|12 de abril de 2019

This Upfront season, CNN en Español places their focus on three aspects: the launch of their social initiative Proyecto Ser Humano, the double-digit growth in rating each quarter since the Nielsen measurements started in April 2018 and the delivery of news programming, as well as health, sports, technology, and documentary content.

The CNN documentaries that the signal will place on the screen include El Chapo, The Kennedys, The Bush Years, 1969 and Tricky Dick. In sports, the Big League playoffs (Major League Baseball), the big soccer and boxing events, and the weekly report Triunfadores del Deporte. Additionally, they will cover the elections and the political Town Halls.

The growth in ratings has driven the signal to be positioned as #1 in the cable ranking during big events that range from news to sports.

“This year we have big news. We are proud of the growth we have had with our channel, at a time when all cable channels have lost subscribers,” emphasized Izzy González, director Cross Platforms Sales for the US of CNN en Español.

He added that in the digital area they relaunched the channel´s site in January and through all the efforts, "have managed to become the fifth US Hispanic site, according to Comscore and continue to be leaders in the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, platforms”. He highlighted that 80% of the CNN en Español consumers arrive through the mobile platform, whereas 20% do so through social networks.

For measurements, the channel uses Adobe Analytics and Comscore since 2011 to monitor everything that goes on in digital and in TV Nielsen since April 1st, 2018. “Now we can compete in the market, providing agencies with our TV audience," added González.