Webinar by PRODU: Medidas de Rescate de la Industria Audiovisual

Companies and guilds contribute to creating protocols
Aliana González, Mexico City|28 de mayo de 2020

Crisis generates opportunities, and solidarity and joint work have been some of the results. Private companies and guilds have contributed resources, along with time to create protocols and come up with solutions for the difficulties the pandemic imposes. Some examples: along with the fund in Netflix, in Mexico, the Amacc is working with a group of producers to create a help mechanism that will soon be revealed, at the same time that in Colombia, Egeda with a group of artists, raised funds to help independent producers in the industry.

This is one of the conclusiones reflected by the PRODU webinar, Medidas de Rescate de la Industria Audiovisual, which included Mónica Lozano, President of the Academia de Artes y Ciencias Cinematográficas (Amacc) and CEO of Alebrije; Ana Piñeres, President of the Asociación Colombiana de Productores de Cine Independiente (Asocinde), at Egeda and VP of CMO; and Diego Guebel, President of the Cámara Argentina de Productores Independientes de Televisión (Capit) and of Boxfish.

The approval of the production protocols by the authorities —in Colombia and in Mexico there are talks about June 1 for this start— will be of the essence so that the economic machinery in the audiovisual industry works once again. However, the new reality will impose much more expensive productions, smaller crews, and greater creative challenges. More articulated guilds that work jointly with syndicates and companies to build ways out and review costs are some of the paths that will have to be taken in a new reality.

Watch the webinar: Rescue measure in the audiovisual industry