Álex Corral, president and CEO of Corral 360

Corral 360: Brands focused on Hispanic millennials know they must be integrated into content organically
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|14 de junio de 2016

Univision.com offers a broader and more varied audience, as well as the support of statistics for the series Los Cowboys (10x30’) —a production by Corral 360, whose second season had its debut last Monday June 6th— to grow and expand its reach. “Only 48 hours after uploading the trailer of Los Cowboys on Univision.com´s Facebook page, it already had 200 thousand views. This is very important for brands. Because at the end of the day, the business plan has to change. You must include digital in your marketing campaigns and strategies,” expressed to PRODU, Álex Corral, president and CEO of Corral 360, who expressed that brands have had an important role in the creation of stories like Los Cowboys. He also mentioned that Corral 360 appeared to produce contents that narrate the experience of the Hispanic in the US. From the beginning, they develop projects keeping brands in mind, but always in a way that they can be integrated organically. “Advertisers know that in order to reach out to Hispanic millennials, it is better to integrate into content. Chrysler helped finance Los Cowboys, which has high production standards. That is why we partner with brands for content. If we don´t have three or four brands, we don´t work, they have to be very organic. We created this company in the new world of media: Snapchat, Instagram, etc.,” he commented. The new projects they are working on include a reality show on restoration of cars, tentatively titled Auto Biography (13x60’), shot in Los Angeles and another one titled Los Chefs. They are currently looking for brands for the latter. Corral said that in January 2016 he launched the sports marketing and branded entertainment agency The Joe Agency, which has executives like Harvey Grisales, Sujei Sierra and Aaron Nava, and whose only focus are Hispanic millennials.