Cris Abrego, Laurens Drillich, Marie Leguizamo, Flavio Morales and, Alejandro Rincón

Cris Abrego: We saw the talent and intelligence of Marie Leguizamo, as her ability to develop big productions
11 de mayo de 2022

Banijay Mexico & US Hispanic opened its new offices in the exclusive Polanco area, in Mexico City, where the main directors of the organization hosted the event: Cris Abrego, director of Americas at Banijay and president and CEO of EndemolShine Holdings; Laurens Drillich, president of EndemolShine Latino; Alejandro Rincón, CEO of EndemolShine Boomdog and, above all, the star of the night was Marie Leguizamo, general director of Banijay Mexico & US Hispanic, together with her newly appointed team.

Cris Abrego said that the first thing he saw in Marie Leguizamo was her talent and intelligence, in addition to her ability to make great productions. “It is a pleasure to start a business together led by a young woman. It is very different to lead a program than to lead a business,” he said, after reassuring that Leguizamo will succeed in the venture because she is also creative and has great leadership skills.

Marie Leguizamo highlighted that when she started as production manager for El Juego de Oro, she never thought that five years later she would be in Mexico promoting the facilities of Banijay Mexico & US Hispanic.

“The industry is moving across the region and our goal is to deliver premium content and production services throughout Latin America with our expertise. In these first few months we have many projects in development, such as a documentary with Becky G and the LOL’s production hub, of which we are already making versions in several countries in the region,” she said.

She thanked the talents and the EndemolShine Boomdog family, her husband, and three people in particular: Cris Abrego, Laurens Drillich, and Alejandro Rincón, whom she described as great leaders and mentors.

“It is a great opportunity to demonstrate my vision and my expertise, apart from being a woman representing other women. I am honored,” she said.

The opening event included a stand-up with Ricardo O'Farrill, a comedian with whom Banijay México announced a new program. The party gathered platform executives, talent —mostly connected to the world of humor—, platform representatives, and producers, many of them from entertainment formats, unscripted.