Carolina Angarita, Country Manager of Discovery Colombia & Digital Head of Discovery LatAm: A good moment to reunite and reinvent ourselves

Discovery: Growth in ratings and digital properties
Ríchard Izarra/Jaime Quintero|19 de mayo de 2020

During the isolation, one of the greatest needs parents of school children have is to manage to keep them entertained with wholesome content and that which helps them develop new abilities. This is why Discovery Latin America decided to open to the entire audience its app Discovery Kids+.

“The app includes the program children like most; special playlist with wholesome ads; virtual ebooks and games related to the virus, explained in a way they understand,” said Carolina Angarita, Country Manager of Discovery Colombia and Digital Head of Discovery Latin America in #PRODUprimetime.

She pointed out that they are very happy because they grew in ratings across all the channels and digital properties. For example on the Discovery Kids app, the views they had before the pandemic have increased fivefold and have tripled the level of unique monthly users.

The executive reported that they are also looking for alliances with producers of content for 2-to-8-year olds, aligned with the goals of the brand: to be wholesome, safe, and to support children`s growth.

Regarding the other channels, she mentioned that since they are airing factual programs, many talents are working from their homes.

According to Angarita, isolation is a good moment to reunite and reinvent themselves. “It takes the same effort to become bitter as it does to be happy: complaining or playing the victim, or making an effort to build and do proactive, positive things that help others”.

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