Michela Giorelli, Production and Development VP fo Latin America at Discovery Networks Latin America

Discovery: Producing series Operación Frontera for LatAm

Aliana González, Mexico City|07 de enero de 2020

Michela Giorelli, Production and Development VP fo Latin America at Discovery Networks Latin America, announced they are making the 20-episode series Operación Frontera that narrates what is happening on the borders of Brazil and Colombia. "In Brazil we are shooting at the border between Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina with the Federal Brazilian Police. In Colombia we asked the Colombian migration police for authorization. We are shooting on the borders with Venezuela and Ecuador," said Giorelli, after mentioning that many stories are related with Venezuelan migrants, but also have to do with drug and merchandise trafficking.

It is inspired by the series Control de Fronteras (Border Control) made in Spain by Discovery and is very relevant in Latin America since their borders are very hot. In the same line, they made in 2019, the documentary Caravanas, that did very well on its launch in Mexico and Colombia. "We wanted to register a year after what had happened and how it affected Mexico. It was very interesting. A series could be made on this topic," she commented.

Giorelli also said that, after the success of Mexicánicos, they are working on new car remodeling programs, such as Motor X. It is a proposal that arose from contents made for the Internet, with a very good response and is about a family garage in Querétaro, in which the father is handing down the business to his son. "The son is a rally racer and influencer, so it is an interesting combination of traditional and modern, along with having the father-son tension. It is shot in Mexico and will soon come out on the air."

Likewise, they adapted to the Latin American market Mientras No Estabas and Diez Años Menos, 12 episodes each, produced in Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina, with stories and talent from each market".