Mariana Pérez: Santa Evita has a place in my heart because I was very young when I started with this project

Disney: Santa Evita is a series with a great deal of passion, emotion, and history that required ten years of work
29 de junio de 2022

The Walt Disney Company Latin America held in Conecta Fiction the exclusive premier of Santa Evita. Mariana Pérez, General Entertainment, Development, and Production VP, is the mother of this project, the executive who drove the purchase of the rights to the book Santa Evita, by the Argentinean journalist and writer Tomás Eloy Martínez, and accompanied the project the entire decade until its consolidation. The seven episodes of the series will premiere on Star+ on July 26, the anniversary of Eva Perón's death.

“It is a series that has a great deal of passion, emotion, and history. Based on the best seller by Tomás Eloy Martínez, the series takes facts from reality to fictionalize this accurate content in seven episodes. Santa Evita has more than 40 locations, a recreation of Argentina in the decade of the 1950s, over 200 actors, and 1,500 extras. We have worked a great deal and even had to shoot during the pandemic” commented Pérez.
The series is written by Marcela Guerty and Pamela Rementería, directed by Rodrigo García, accompanied by Alejandro Maci, and its executive producer is Salma Hayek. García, the son of the writer Gabriel García Márquez, is also the showrunner of the production.

Santa Evita is the story of the embalmed body of a woman, taken by the opposers of Perón as an object of power, that spent 16 years around the world without a grave nor peace until it was finally taken to the cemetery of Recoleta in Buenos Aires” explained the executive.

She highlighted the work of the entire team and the performances of the whole cast, especially Natalia Oreiro, who played the role of Eva Perón, and Darío Grandinetti, who played Juan Domingo Perón.

Santa Evita has a place in my heart because I was very young when I started with this project. Carrying it for ten years, overcoming obstacles until it came out into the light, and facing the pandemic just when we were about to shoot was difficult. We love this project. My team and I were together from the beginning, developing, producing, and looking for the best actor, the best actress” concluded Pérez.

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