Guillermo Tabanera: The digital editorial teams, who also operate remotely, generate multiple contents to share on social networks
Disney starts remote broadcast of live sports
26 de mayo de 2020

Disney started last weekend to air live programs and events in a remote manner, displaying an unedited and innovative technology and product strategy.

Since last Saturday, all the versions of ESPN´s, SportsCenter´s and ESPN FC´s original productions, as well as the broadcast of sports events such as Bundesliga, golf and NASCAR, now reach the Lain American audience thanks to the coordinated work of rapporteurs, commentators, producers, and technicians who make their contributions from their homes.

Simultaneously, the digital editorial teams who also operate remotely, generate multiple contents to share the minute-to-minute on social networks, ESPN app, and the ESPN and Fox Sports sites.

“Isolation caused by the pandemic imposed the need to rethink the live production and broadcast model. It led us to be extra resourceful and synchronize the human and technological potential of our company´s various work teams. That way, with the main goal of protecting all our collaborators´ health, The Disney Company sought efficient solutions, developing new technologies and production systems that enable greater versatility and quality of our contents," explained Guillermo Tabanera, Head of Media Networks, DTCI Latin America.

To be able to perform broadcasts in a different environment, the company´s technical teams did research on diverse variables and technical applications that enabled gathering the work of all the team members on the cloud and everyone received specific training on the new technology to be used.