Natalia Scalia, Disney: There are 66 productions for Star+ that are going to be released in the remainder of 2021 and mainly in 2022 

Disney: With adult content Star+ will be the complement of Disney+
Cynthia Plohn|01 de septiembre de 2021

"With great expectations" Disney Latin America awaits the launch of Star+, a streaming service that Natalia Scalia, Disney Latin America's Direct to Consumer leader, describes as 100% complementary to Disney+, with general entertainment content focused on the adult audience. It will be available on Tuesday 31st and it mainly features productions from Disney-owned companies such as ABC, FX, Searchlight, 20th Century Studio, and 20th Television and third parties. It will feature movies, series, a large proportion of local production, and live sports from ESPN.

It can be purchased individually or as part of the Combo+ that includes both services at a promotional price, so Scalia estimates that this package will have a “very important place in the homes of the region”.

Local content will play a very important role and that is why they have an aggressive production plan. “At the moment there are 66 productions for Star+ that are going to be released in the remainder of 2021 and mainly in 2022. Today we are in a production rhythm and an important cadence that will be strongly reflected in the coming months: the idea is to release the premieres over time, but at the same time have continuity,” informed the executive.

Among the upcoming premieres, she mentioned the third season of the Brazilian production Impuros by Barry Company, new episodes of Bios. Vidas Que Marcaron la Tuya from National Geographic, Kapow's Terapia Alternativa, and BTF Media's No Fue mi Culpa. It also includes the premiere of the mega-production Santa Evita by Non for 2022.

Regarding the possibility of closing the pay-TV channels, as has already happened in other markets, Scalia pointed out that for now, this is not in their plans because pay-TV is still very relevant in the region.

“We always analyze what is going on with our audience and the direct-to-consumer strategy is a response to that demand. It is another proposal of experience and consumption and they complement each other,” she explained.

Scalia added that they will have a different proposal to pay-TV in sports from ESPN where the user, thanks technology, will be able to watch multiple events simultaneously and as, an example, she said that in a tennis tournament the audience will be able to watch all the matches they want. They will also be able to access customization spaces and follow certain teams. “This will allow them to experience things in a different way. I think that the combination of sports with general entertainment with quality, depth, and exclusivity makes this a unique proposition in the market.”

Subscribers will be able to watch Star+ on a wide variety of Internet-connected TV and compatible mobile devices such as game consoles, streaming media players, and smart TVs. Subscribers to this platform will be able to enjoy high-quality content on up to four devices simultaneously, limited downloads on up to ten devices, personalized recommendations, and the chance to configure seven different profiles, including the parental control option.