María José Revaldería, Digital Projects Development coordinator, and general director, Adriana Castillo, presented the Platino Empleo

Egeda: Platino Empleo is a platform that will allow the audiovisual, video game and animation industry to find talent
Aliana González|16 de marzo de 2022

María José Revaldería, Egeda's Digital Projects Development coordinator, and Egeda's general director, Adriana Castillo, presented the Platino Empleo platform at an event organized by WAWA and Egeda. It is a platform that allows audiovisual, video game and animation sector companies to find the talent they need.

Revaldería explained that it is not traditional employment seeking tool, since it works with an algorithm that helps to select the ideal candidates without the need to review hundreds of profiles since the tool evaluates and selects those suitable for the position, which makes locating the right talent more efficient.

This is not a tool for publishing job offers, instead, it’s a search engine that sends invitations to those profiles that meet the requirements for the position that the company needs. The candidate decides whether or not to accept.

The initiative was developed after detecting that it is becoming difficult for the industry to hire talent. “For example, film companies’ talent has migrated to series, while the talent of production companies has moved to other countries or are busy, so few are available. There are difficulties in finding the right staff, so this tool seeks to cover that need,” said Revaldería.

The talent that registers in the platform is not necessarily looking for work but can indicate when they will be available. The Platino Empleo team will certify the companies to guarantee that the candidates receive valuable offers.

What makes this platform interesting is that in the future it will allow evaluating why certain jobs are rejected, what range of salaries are handled in the industry, as well as positioning jobs or talent profiles that are highly requested or not very requested, in addition to the rate of employability.

As positions are managed to work remotely or in person, and the talent can indicate whether or not they can travel, the job offer in the audiovisual industry becomes more global.

To use Platinum Employment, companies must pay a subscription fee ranging between 150 euros to 10,000 for one year and unlimited processes. Egeda and WAWA members will enjoy discounts.

The portal will be officially launched during the Malaga Festival. "We have already made agreements with very important associations in the world of animation and video games," said Revaldería, after commenting that in Spain, several official institutions and audiovisual hubs are evaluating including it as a tool.