Gustavo Ordóñez, SVP, Programming & Research, Univision: The most important in modern TV

El Dragón: The reinvention of a genre
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|10 de octubre de 2019

El Dragón, that had its debut on September 30 on the screen of Univision with auspicious figures, incubated for four years. “We have been working on it with great mindfulness, and it has been pursued with perseverance,” explained Patricio Wills, president of Televisa Estudios.

“Everything started four years ago with Arturo Pérez-Reverte with whom we had previously made a Project in which we asked ourselves how we could find something that wasn’t about drug dealers with big guns and gold watches, something more advanced, evolved and contemporary. He then told me “I have the story, I will call it El Último Dragón. It’s going to be a book, but yes, you are convincing me today not to write a book but a TV program. I am willing to do that,” recounted Wills. He said he was proud of the final product.

For his part, Gustavo Ordóñez, senior VP, Programming, and Research at Univision, highlighted that El Dragón brings the reinvention of a whole genre.

“We feel there is going to be a watershed in the history of TV, that is why we have promoted this series as the most important in modern TV. You will see a way to tell a story of international action, crime that happens in multiple countries, that has multiple manifestations in the way the story happens in all the episodes you will see innovation,” he commented and added that they are hoping this production helps Univision reach 28 consecutive seasons in the first audience place.