Leonardo Zimbrón en #VisitaPRODU

Endemol Shine Boomdog: Biopic of Joaquín Sabina is in a very advanced development process
21 de mayo de 2019

Leonardo Zimbrón, Head of Fiction Programming at Endemol Shine Boomdog and founder of Traziende Films, was present in the first episode of the second season of #VisitaPRODU, and told about his most recent projects, both in Endemol Shine and in his production company Traziende.

Regarding Endemol, the executive mentioned that he entered the team to strengthen the fiction department, and that what they have done these six months in the company is develop the projects Boomdog had. "One of the most ambitious projects we have is the biopic on Joaquín Sabina, that is in a very advanced development process."

“We still don't have dates because my style of work is to give the script-writing process the time it deserves for the story you want to tell to have all the necessary details. I would think that the rest of the year is going to be for development, and we will start shooting in 2020," said Zimbrón.

Likewise, he mentioned Endemol Shine Boomdog's other big projects the upcoming months, that are Hijos de Tigre, El Asesor, starring Mauricio Ochmann, and Súbete a Mi Moto.

Regarding Traziende, Zimbrón disclosed that they have several very interesting projects, among which the story of the Márquez Castillo brothers stands out. It will be made with Alazraki and Lemon Films. They are also making a comedy film for Netflix called Ahí Te Encargo. “This is very important for us because it is the first film we make that is not for cinema theaters, but for a platform,” he ended.