Ángela Colla, International Sales Director at Globo: Trips and fairs will be back, but the dynamics will change

Estudios Globo resumes production in September
Marcela Tedesco|10 de julio de 2020

The pandemic caught Globo going through a very big transformation process: the integration of five companies (TV Globo, Globosat, Som Livre, Globocom, Globoplay, DG Corp) in a single one, under the Globo brand, to respond to media consumption.

“We are doing very rapidly what we intended to do in a year. It is a great challenge at this moment, but I see it is as an opportunity,” said Ángela Colla, International Sales Director at Globo.

Along with the turmoil came the COVID-19 crisis, which also required adaptation capability. The company already took part in three virtual markets. “Of course, it is not the same as face to face and a great deal is lost, but in the end, we are with the people in the market of buyers and sellers and we are doing business. It is not how we used to do it, but it works,” said Colla.

“Trips and fairs will be back, but the dynamics will change, there will be a balance between what was and what we are going to find,” said the executive.

Production will not be the same as before, at least not for the time being. Estudios Globo will resume shootings in September but at a much smaller rhythm than before, since, in order to respect social distancing, they will not be able to shoot five products simultaneously.

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