Julieta Shama, Strategic Media Partnerships South Cone at Facebook

Facebook: Live is the current star product of the platform
Marcela Tedesco, Buenos Aires|05 de julio de 2016

Facebook is betting on videos, bearing in mind it is estimated that 80% of traffic on networks will be in video format by the year 2020. “Video is an easy and friendly format to consume on mobile; that is why people choose it more each day and we are seeking to make users´ consumption experience in Facebook increasingly better,” said Julieta Shama, Strategic Media Partnerships South Cone at Facebook. The executive assured that the platform´s current star product is Facebook Live, launched in April this year for all users, which allows broadcasting live using Facebook. It is a way to catch its followers´attention in real time and reach new audiences. Brands like Chevrolet (for the launch of its Bolt EV in January 2016) and Southwest Airlines have already used Live, as well as other Argentinean celebrities like Mirtha Legrand and Lali Espósito, to approach their fans. They also highlight: Videos 360, in which content producers share 360 style videos in all genres and to support diverse causes; Artículos Instantáneos that offers media a quicker and more attractive way to access news from mobile devices; and Branded Content, an online advertising format with contents that highlight products, brands or sponsors.