Said Schwarz, CEO and Chairman, First Media Americas

First Media: BabyFirst duplicates its expansion in LatAm with MIC Peru and NIM Networks Colombia

12 de julio de 2019

BabyFirst, the early education channel aimed at babies and children ages 0 to 3 or 4, has not ceased to expand worldwide. Their drive began 5 or 6 years ago in the US and today reaches 60 million homes. Two years ago they began to introduce the channel in the Caribbean where they currently have more than 90% of distribution, and in Mexico, which has expanded its reach since two weeks ago with Sky México. Now they are entering South America with two new additional agreements. 

“With the success of the US, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, we already made the decision to expand to South America or Latin America. We already have two sales forces, one called MIC Peru, with Katya Sagastizabal, and with NIM Network, that is with Nivia Montenegro from Bogota, Colombia. The idea to truly commit to the market, give operators the attention they deserve and do so locally,” expressed Said Schwarz, CEO, and Chairman of First Media Americas.

The agreement will allow MIC Peru to represent BabyFirst in Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador, and the linear content of BabyFirst has already been sold to several operators in Peru, while NIM Network carries it in Colombia and Central America. These partnerships states Schwarz, “will enable the acceleration of our expansion plans”.

For the development of the contents, Schwarz explains they have invested a great deal in quality, therefore they have a board of advisors solely for programming, "experts such as pediatricians and psychologists that help us ensure the content is truly educational and interactive with parents". Their most recent program is 1, 2, 3 race! that helps learn not only numbers, but also includes music, colors, and car races.