Coty Cagliolo from Fremantle: We have been able to respect the airing dates we had with our clients
Formats that can be done with tight budgets
Marcela Tedesco, Buenos Aires|03 de septiembre de 2020

Fremantle Latin America faced the production difficulties imposed by the pandemic looking for case-by-case solutions. Each format required different adaptation and each new moment of the pandemic demanding new adjustments.

“We have been able to respect the airing dates we had with our clients and this is a blessing, but it was not accidental, it had to do with us starting to prepare several months ago," commented Coty Cagliolo, general director of Fremantle Mexico and Head of Production at Fremantle LatAm.

“It was necessary to learn a great deal, but now, we are handling situations that were new six months ago in an entirely natural way. We are undergoing a transformation from within. In a few years, the scenario will be clearer and we will have a more intelligent reading. From production offers and contents, I notice the drop in advertising, because clients are approaching with a need for content and with concern. We must look for formats that we can make with tight budgets for cases in which it is necessary because different clients have different situations, some of them do live exclusively from ad campaigns, such as platforms," said the executive.

She added that, regarding budgets, we must not only consider that clients have less money to produce, but also the extra cost that the COVID-19 protocol implies.

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