Spring Media, Casablanca, High Hill, and VIP 2000TV consolidated an alliance to collaborate in this original fiction series

Four producers for El Secreto Detrás de la Copa
14 de enero de 2021

Spring Media, Casablanca, High Hill Entertainment, and VIP 2000TV consolidated an alliance to collaborate in the original fiction series El Secreto Detrás de la Copa, framed in the en la Qatar 2022 World Cup. Jaque Content is developing the series.

“We are pleased to have managed to share with three other companies the same vision and values regarding the production of a series. It is the start of a sports fiction franchise that includes topics of current interest, such as gender equality, tolerance, and respect," mentioned Vanessa Velázquez, Commercial Manager at Spring Media from Stockholm.

“Through WAWA, we managed to generate synergy between these companies to produce an original series. El Secreto Detrás de la Copa will offer quality and promising content with which we feel comfortable and optimistic," expressed María Elena Useche, president of High Hill Entertainment.

“This is not just a series but a franchise that can be made in any sport and in any country in the world. The business is consolidated by four executives, including me, who believe, today, more than ever, in our Hispanic market," stated Roxana Rotundo, CEO of VIP 2000 TV.

“To produce in Mexico with Yahayra Films and post-produce in our studios in Sao Paulo with our 3D team is a challenge we know will surprise the region. We can simulate we are in any country in the world with our effects," commented Solange Cruz, general director of Casablanca.

The cast includes Isabel Burr (La Casa de las Flores) and Oswaldo León (Cuna de Lobos).