Jim McNamara, VP Hemisphere Media Group

Hemisphere Media Group: Preparing several projects for the international market
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|26 de abril de 2019

In the context of LA Screenings, Hemisphere Media Group will be presenting four to five projects for the international market.

“Snap and the joint venture we have with Marvista, that is called Yellow, led by Ana Celia Urquidi, they are preparing four to five projects that are very interesting for the international market, in which surely Ariel Tobi and Ana Celia Urquidi are going to have their announcement plan for the LA Screenings. We are very active and advanced, speaking with the different players. We have very large expectations,” expressed Jim McNamara, VP of Hemisphere Media Group.

McNamara also mentioned the series project for the PantaYA platform on which they already launched the first, Drunk History México (acquired from Viacom) and where more are on the way for upcoming months.

“We have a great variety that is going to be launched as of May, June, August and for the rest of the year. They are series we have bought or co-produced and are bombs that are now coming,” he expressed enthusiastically.

McNamara was consulted on the fusion of big media groups and what opportunities this represents for a company such as Hemisphere.

“The opportunity is to have good people developing good ideas with enough money to produce them and give the market what the market wants. The fact that big companies have united doesn´t necessarily mean there are good developers with good ideas and the money. They might have all these key points, but it isn´t a given. One always has to meet the market´s expectations,” he commented.