Jim McNamara, VP de Hemisphere Media Group, Inc.

Hemisphere: With the new production company we hope to have a series in the first 12 months
23 de noviembre de 2018

Jim McNamara, VP de Hemisphere Media Group, Inc. officially announced is the creation of a new high-level production company, a joint venture between Hemisphere and MarVista, with Ana Celia Urquidi as manager and Ariel Tobi as part of the directing team, Jim McNamara, VP of Hemisphere Media Group, Inc. mentioned that the goal is to enter the high-production business.

With so many opportunities in the business today, he comments that through his own platforms, screens, Cinelatino, other platforms they have in South America, Canal 1 in Colombia, WAPA TV in Puerto Rico, they will make “combinations with other platforms in Latin America and the US in open television”.

“MarVista has vast experience in the production in the US of films for television and we have 30 years of experience. We are going to put this all together".

Regarding the genres they will focus on in the initial phase, he explains that it will be high-quality series, films for television with familiar faces and commercial stories, such as thrillers or comedies. They hope that in the first 12 months they will have a series, because "there is a great deal of development already in movement, and there is great interest in many parts."

Part of the financing will come from them, but he firmly believes in strategic alliances. “We are going to seek alliances with the platforms, with premium channels in Latin America and OTTs, that are a perfect setting for what we have in the US. We think this combination covers all the cost and the product remains free of debt for both”.

Although he cannot reveal many details yet, he ended mentioning that the production company will have a simple name, and that “in a few days we will have it”.