Carlos Mesber, co-founder and responsible for New Business Development at High Hill Entertainment

High Hill: A huge demand for content

Maribel Ramos-Weiner|10 de abril de 2020

To advance in the postproduction of content that is already made and advance all those processes that teleworking allows, from planning, budget, virtual meetings, script readings, and proposal revisions, are some of the tasks that Carlos Mesber, co-founder and responsible for New Business Development at High Hill Entertainment, advises to undertake during this pandemic. Additionally, High Hill has not stopped producing its daily entertainment newscast, Suelta la Sopa, that Telemundo now airs an hour earlier, at 2pm, to give way to Al Rojo Vivo that starts around 3 and airs for two hours.

To continue with the production of Suelta la Sopa, they have had to reinvent the style. “Many of the interviews with celebrities are done from Skype and have turned out very well because we can go in their houses and show how they are living the quarantine". To reduce contact, two of the five presenters of the show -Carolina Sandoval and Juan Manuel Cortés- are working from home. “We are all working a great deal, connected from 6:30am”. Just the strictly necessary team to launch the show goes to Telemundo Center.

High Hill has had to suspend the production of two fiction pilots and one entertainment show.

Mesber is also evaluating the making of a show, with a low budget, that can be made from home, making the most of the situation. He believes that when the pandemic is over, demand for content will spike. "I see the landscape much better because there will be a great need for content. Companies are going to have to buy more content to replace what was not produced or what had to be used that was in stock," he comments.