Adolfo Álvarez, general director of Content, !HOLA! TV: More branded content for 2022

¡HOLA! TV: We are recognized as the royalty pay TV in the region
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|02 de febrero de 2022

Adolfo Álvarez, who joined ¡HOLA! TV since its inception in 2013 in the US, has extensive experience in executive positions such as managing director of En Minúscula Producciones, a subsidiary of Grupo Secuoya, and previously, with Antena 3 for 7 years as deputy director and director of Marketing. “They hired me for the project ¡HOLA! TV because I had knowledge of original production and I had always been linked to TV networks, so I was able to combine programming, its original production, promotions, and acquisitions,” he said.

Due to his trajectory within ¡HOLA! TV and accumulated experience, Álvarez - current general director of Content- has become one of the experts in the entertainment industry in programming trends and content creation.

“I have already been planning for 2022 and looking beyond to how 2023 will turn out. Always planning is a must, which is given by the experience of having worked on a TV. In January 2022 it is the 40th birthday of the Duchess of Cambridge and the 50th Jubilee of Queen Margrethe of Denmark (now postponed to the summer), on February 14, 2022, with the wedding anniversary of the Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg we will broadcast a special, and in June is the Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth of England. All those royal events also define our grid,” Álvarez expresses about the great events that are about to be produced.

For Álvarez, one of the greatest achievements of ¡HOLA! TV, “is becoming the pay-TV of the royalty. The channel is positioned towards viewers, but also among celebrities, who recognize us as a space where they can be at ease.”

As an important challenge, he mentioned "the fact of being able to sail through different programs, with different faces, the channel upgrading, because it was necessary to combine our own production, programming, promotion and at the same time make the audience aware of the existence of a show and its features, and even so, this is the channel you want to see.”

This year they are going to increase production and work with integrated brands and fashion products, branded content, to insert products in an organic and natural way, "in order to increase that production capacity," he said.

He mentioned that Espléndida, the program hosted by María Alejandra Villegas, is 100% branded content ¡HOLA! TV.

He announced that there are plans to acquire new seasons of Celebrity scrapbook and Stars in style.

They also have scheduled for June an acquired a show about second-hand wedding dresses: Vestido de Novia, Una Segunda Oportunidad (Wedding dress, a second chance). "It is a format where brides sell their wedding dresses so that others can buy them at a cheaper price," he pointed out