Damaris Valero, who is now part of the tech company Hypelabs from Portugal

Hypelabs offers digital solution against the virus
Ale Tinjaká|26 de marzo de 2020

Damaris Valero, who is now part of the tech company Hypelabs from Portugal, declared in breaking news to PRODU about the app that will help combat the virus that is already in 183 countries.

"A year and a half ago, I began working in Hypelabs, a company that designed and validated connectivity technology direct from device to device (cellular to cellular or tablet to cellular), without the need for an Internet connection," explained Damaris, who is the most senior person in the company, after the two founders.

However, with the expansion of the coronavirus, the company that has its headquarters in Portugal, had to give its creation a new use: "Due to the virus, we came up with the idea of distributing for free an application that allows tracking all cellulars and devices that were physically close to a person who had been diagnosed with that disease. With the application, what we want is to eliminate `the not knowing ́ and informing who has been in close contact with an infected person," she added.

The company that developed this digital solution to face the crisis, already conducted approaches to some of the governments in Latin American, African, and Asian countries to deliver the application.

Valero was involved for many years in the television industry, holding positions in Claxson, Universal Studios Networks, Telemundo, and was part of the team that took Nickelodeon and MTV to Latin America.

Further information: dv@hypelabs.io