Aurelio Valcárcel, Fiction and Entertainment Director at Imagen TV

Imagen TV: We create stories that mark a difference
23 de octubre de 2018

Aurelio Valcárcel, Fiction and Entertainment Director at Imagen TV, was the man behind the show at Imagen TV’s Upfront Wednesday, October 3 in Mexico City, an event for clients and close relations, which served to celebrate their second anniversary and demonstrated that the future is promising. 

“We want to convey emotions, carry positive and constructive messages and enjoy doing so. The message is that we carry entertainment for the Mexican family and stories that mark the difference,” he assured.

He added that Imagen TV is consolidated as the third network in Mexico with different content in each schedule, starting with their morning magazine, Sale el Sol, as well as entertainment and original and third-party fiction programs.

Soon, they will launch fiction programs that were hits in China and Turkey, as well as original productions like Padre Solo Hay Uno and others, with partners such as Sony Pictures Television, La Guzmán; and with Telefe/Viacom and Mega, 12 Segundos.