Innovation Seminar for the Creation of Multiplatform Content from CIC Media and LU Events arrives in Mexico
31 de octubre de 2014

The Innovation Seminar for the Creation of Multiplatform Content from Marlon Quintero’s CIC Media in partnership with Camilo Provenzali’s LU Events arrives in Mexico for the first time. The event will take place at the Tecnológico de Monterrey campus on November 12th from 8:30am to 5:30pm. It’s produced with IFAHTO. “The idea is to teach creatives, writers, producers and anyone creating audiovisual content, the meaning of innovation. The seminar applies to the industries of TV, film, radio, advertising, this philosophy applies to all of them,” Quintero told PRODU. The seminar features five educational modules with special guests for each. In addition to Quintero, special guests include actor and comedian Arath de la Torre; Epigmenio Ibarra, Executive Producer and President of Argos; Eduardo Clemesha, Director of Formats and Development of Televisa; Nuno Bernardo, CEO and Transmedia Producer of BeActive of Portugal/Ireland; Caroline Servy, General Director of The Wit of France; Álex Balassa, Executive Producer of TV and President of Blindspot; Michela Giorelli, VP of Production and Development of Discovery; Vianey Esquinca, Host of Titulares De La Mañana and Entre Mujeres of Excélsior TV; and writer Larissa Andrade. The seminar is sponsored by E! Entertainment, Discovery, Mixed Fund For The Promotion Of Tourism Of The Federal District, Cadenatres and De Witt. Admission to the event costs US$160. More info. {}