Enrique Cuscó from Ole Communications: We always have to innovate

Innovators in technologies and delivery of the product
05 de enero de 2021

“We always have to innovate; be innovators in new technologies, innovators in how to deliver the product in more dynamic ways, pleasing the audiences, but hand in hand with our natural partners who are our affiliates," said Enrique Cuscó, CEO of Ole Communications and Chairman of A + E Networks in Latin America in a #PRODUprimetime special with Ríchard Izarra as part of the celebration of 20 years of History Latin America.

Cuscó was escorted by Eddy Ruiz, its president, and general manager of A + E Networks LatAm, and César Sabroso, SVP Marketing and Communications. He said that the HBO Latin America team "was going through a lot of changes."

“I want to thank that group that was very important, and also for the work that was done to maximize the distribution of the channels. Now Ole Distribution continues the legacy that we received from HBO for our basic channels,” he said. He was in partnership with HBO for 29 years.

“It was really a pleasure to share those years with HBO and TimeWarner. The path of AT & T's new vision was different, it meant merging other assets, we didn’t share the same visions that are why we separated ways. But here we are left with all the basic channels and with the commitment to continue delivering our product through our affiliates with an extraordinary range of channels and I am very proud of the portfolio that A + E contributes within that group of channels.”

The conversation was very emotional. PRODU showed 20 years old archives when History LatAm was founded, and from 30 years ago, when Cuscó, without having reached the age of 30, was already a partner of Warner, Sony, and Disney.
Watch the interview about the 20 anniversary of History LatAm at #PRODUprimetime