Géraldine Gonard presented the fourth edition of Conecta Fiction in Madrid

International series events are multiplying
Miryana Márquez|20 de febrero de 2020

The number of international film festivals that have open sections or spaces for television series to be showcased or seek financing has grown in the last few years.

Along with Cannes, San Sebastián and Screen TV (launched on the Malaga Festival in 2014) there are Latin American encounters such as the International Film Festival in Guadalajara, that has the section of Episodio 0 Series in Development and the laboratory of The Series Lab México.

According to Tania Honorato, Market Producer and responsible for Episodio 0, “the same people who make cinema and have made amazing films, today have evolved and want to make series; therefore, this step is something new in these last few years and is a niche to be exploited and explored".

Others that have joined are the Santiago Festival Internacional de Cine with SANFIC Series, launched in 2019; and the Festival de Los Cabos with GFFF Episódicos, where series, webseries or episodic content for TV or platforms can participate.

Additionally, there is Buenos Aires Series (organized by the BAWEBFEST group) from March 2 to 6; Iberseries, Festival Internacional de Encuentro de Creadores y Productores de Ficción Televisiva en Español, that celebrates its first edition between May 25 and 30 in Granada, and includes Latin American figures such as the Mexican Epigmenio Ibarra, the Colombian producer Claudia Triana, and Manolo Caro from La Casa de las Flores; the Premios Platino Xcaret from Cine Iberoamericano, that also have a section for series, as well as other events such as Series Mania; Festival de Málaga, to be held from March 13 to 22, and that will have Dominican Republic as a guest country of the Latin American Focus, one of the Mafiz events, to foster the co-production of Latin American projects for the International market; Conecta Fiction, where Géraldine Gonard presented the fourth edition of the event in Madrid, returning to Pamplona from June 22 to 25, having the US and the US Hispanic market as the País Focus América, and the new ONSeries Lisbon, to be held from April 28 to 30, organized by the same team of Gonard´s Inside Content.