The new series will be shot in 4K

INTI is preparing three original series in favor of environmental conservation produced in the Galapagos Islands
22 de junio de 2022

INTI TV highlights in its production plan for this year three new series and originals in favor of environmental conservation, whose shootings are scheduled to take place in the Galapagos Islands. The new series will be shot in 4K and will have the participation of 
foreign experts with great experience in sustainability and comprehensive wellbeing.

The equatorial archipelago, famous for being declared a Natural World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1978, is the only live museum of evolution that houses the largest number of endemic vegetable and animal species on the planet and is also one of the largest marine reserves in the world, features that make it the ideal setting for INTI's new series and films. Among the specialists of these productions are the therapist, thanatologist, and medical expert, the Uruguayan Natascha Spangenberg, and the writer and medicine expert, Alejandro Corchs. They will both be part of the cast of the second season of Transición de la Ciudad al Campo, which is already in pre-production.

Transición de la Ciudad al Campo has 13, one-hour episodes. Shootings will take place in ecological reserves where participants will be part of beautiful natural environments surrounded by large acres of vegetation.

The theme of this second season is the transformation of beings through a transition in their lives, which implies leaving behind the noise of the city to connect with nature, with the guidance of a coach specialized in transformation processes.

Another production is led by the Colombian activist, Toya Montoya, who returns to the screen of INTI with a new short series. Another production will be with the Dutch artist Iris Muller, who combines acoustic pop melodies with meditations.

INTI will provide further details of the new productions in the upcoming months.

The signal currently reaches more than 15 million homes in Latin America and the US, with plans to expand to many more countries.