Daniel Rodríguez, SVP of Itoydani: This is the year of the return to face-to-face markets

Itoydani: We continue doing business with Studiocanal, Injaus and Cisneros Media
27 de julio de 2022

With six years in the market, Itoydani continues doing business with providers such as Studiocanal, of which they are the exclusive agents for Latin America; Cisneros Media; and the literary agency Injaus of Mexico.

"We are only missing the films' part, which we're negotiating and expect to close within a month," said Daniel Rodríguez, SVP of Itoydani.

"We've closed some AVOD and SVOD-related agreements for Super Genio of Cisneros Media, a content that was initially created for Univision as an instructional educational product and has had a much broader market than was thought".

Regarding the animated stories Paddington, from Studiocanal, "that will premiere worldwide on Nickelodeon, once the sales for open TV and other platforms are released, we will be managing them directly at Itoydani for all of Latin America."

Paddington was sold for all of Central America and now they are negotiating an agreement for Colombia and Mexico, the most important markets in the region. "In addition, Studiocanal is developing two more series: one called Smarty Pants, which will be released on Canal+ very soon; and a second, a project that is being negotiated with channels worldwide so they can be participants".

For Rodríguez, this is the year of the return to face-to-face markets. "For me, that has been key. I went to the LA Screenings, and everyone was desperate to meet, wanting to do business in person. And you feel again something that was lost for two years: the ability to see people in the eye and realize if they want or not your content at any given time. And also that possibility to have live and real-time feedback with them."

He said that he would attend Mipcom 2022 with Studiocanal. "Surely we will also be at MIP Cancun and we are still talking to clients and evaluating if we're going to NATPE because the costs are quite high for them and also for us as independent providers."