Luis Villanueva, CEO of Somos Distribution

Joint venture between Somos Distributions and Zebra will represent Sparks catalogue
09 de diciembre de 2010

Sparks Network, a company that distributes and develops television formats and programs, enters into a representation and co-operation agreement with a venture created by Miami based Somos Distribution and Madrid based, and Sparks member, Zebra Producciones. In this new venture, Luis Villanueva and Somos Distribution will support the sales and adaptations of the Sparks catalogue throughout the Latin American region and the US Hispanic market. The plan is also to build local production and to find formats and series from Latin America to be represented in the world market by Sparks. “We are looking forward to working together with Sparks and its members to create a really strong position in Latin America and the US Hispanic market. Sparks represents some of the world’s most creative producers and has an impressive catalogue of formats and series,” said Luis Villanueva, CEO of Somos Distribution. “Luis Villanueva and his team are a very good partner for Sparks in Latin America because of their outstanding experience in the market and their expertise in handling the many variants of the television and entertainment businesses. Together with Zebra Productions from Spain, we are looking at creating a strong force in distribution and production in the region,” said Fredrik af Malmborg, Managing Director of Sparks Network.