Joshua Mintz, VP of Drama and general manager of Telemundo

Joshua Mintz of Telemundo: Our newly implemented production structure guarantees the success of projects

María Carolina Alonso|27 de enero de 2013

After the premiere of the Telemundo novela Pasión Prohibida, PRODU spoke with Joshua Mintz, VP of Drama and general manager of Telemundo Studios about upcoming projects and the new production structure. “Telemundo has had a year of a lot of growth and a lot of diversification during a time when it’s been very divided as far as the creative part of operations and the mechanism to choose the stories we’re producing” Mintz said. Within this new structure for Telemundo, new lines of production are being opened under the supervision of the executive VP of Production, Aurelio Valcarcel, and Carmen Cecilia de Urbaneja. “Here in Miami we’ve opened a new line of production with a different team under the master Aurelio Valcarcel, who has a very particular and interesting style, and a very fine way of doing things. Carmen Cecilia will also be adding a different touch to all the productions” the executive added. Among Telemundo’s future projects are Fina Estampa, a coproduction with Globo TV and, El señor de los cielos with Caracol TV. The show is being filmed in Mexico.