Julián Gil, actor, and producer on #PRODUprimetime: Producing less content has been a reflection during the pandemic

Julián Gil: Reassessing time and expenses
13 de noviembre de 2020

“One of the things that COVID has left us, in general, is to value time, the value that we are healthy, and to value the economic aspect. I think everyone made adjustments: if I used to spend 10, now I spend 5, and I realized that I could live without those 10 that I usually spent,” said the actor, producer, and host Julián Gil on #PRODUprimetime with Richard Izarra.

Gil was frank, human, and also reflexive.

“I think we must learn to realize the value of many things. The same as we, in our daily lives, realize the value of things such as time with our families and our money expenses, I think producers also have to think why do I want to make four productions a year if, suddenly, with two I can earn the same amount of money and not go through so much trouble? These two productions can have higher quality due to the fact that I can dedicate more time to them. The speed at which the industry was moving, sometimes I say is like a sausage factory: come, choose the cast, and go; give me the other one, set up the cast and go, and so forth...”.
Julián spoke on #PRODUprimetime just before starting the shooting of ¿Qué le Pasa a Mi Familia?, a telenovela by Televisa produced by Juan Osorio, in which he is participating.

Otherwise, he never stopped working. He produced original content during the pandemic and continued his work as a host on República Deportiva on Univision.

Watch the full interview with Julián Gil on #PRODUprimetime