Patrick Rivet, CEO de THEMA América

Kanal D Drama focusing on digital platforms
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|24 de marzo de 2021

Kanal D Drama debuted at Colombia through the front door after its content alliance with Tigo Colombia, a market of more than a million households. “Entering the Colombian market is key because it is one of the countries where Turkish dramas have been very well received. In addition, Colombia is at the forefront in the Andean region in terms of the production of originals and new technologies,” said Patrick Rivet, CEO of THEMA América, which has a strategic partnership with the Turkish Kanal D Drama.

Rivet said they have also been very attentive of what’s going on at Andina Link, to follow the new trends in visualization throughout the region, and if necessary, adapt quickly to the different scenarios in the changing TV industry. “This year we want to focus on the different platforms and digital viewing windows, to spread our drama portfolio and reach a larger audience in Colombia, and the rest of Latin America,” he commented.

Rivet highlighted that Millicom is an important business partner and they will continue to work with Tigo to enter other markets shortly. "It is a well-established relationship, which we will continue to foster, aiming expanding visibility for our offer of thematic channels and top-quality content in Latin America," he said.

Kanal D Drama already reaches 15 countries on three continents. As a result of a strategic alliance between Kanal D International and THEMA America, which is in charge of managing, operating and distributing the signal in Spanish for Kanal D International in the US and Latin America, including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, and Uruguay. They also have other versions of Kanal D Drama in Albania, France, and Kosovo.