Mikaela Pérez from Kanal D International: We continue to enter Latin America, South America, and now in the US with Comcast

Kanal D presents Azize at Cancun

22 de noviembre de 2019

Azize, the new drama of Kanal D International, made its international debut at a cocktail for buyers and assistants at MIP Cancun, where also they showed several Turkey’s dramas. Azize had been already released in Turkey by Kanal D.

Mikaela Pérez, Sales Executive for Latin America, explained that they are in MIP Cancun not only to present their novelties but also “to have a friendly and affectionate reunion with all the people who always follow us and who are always with us in all the projects of Kanal D.”

She said that her firm continues to grow, and especially now with the recently launched Kanal D Drama, “we continue to enter Latin America, South America, and now in the US with Comcast” she explained.

Kerim Emrah Turna, executive director of Kanal D International, added that they are very happy to be at MIP Cancun. "For us, it has been a small period really compared to the life of the industry, we are very new, but we have had very good achievements so far, and we are happy.”

Among the attendees was Jimmy Arteaga, president of Programming, Production, and Promotions for WAPA Television, who said that Turkish productions work very well. “Kanal D has had great successes, such as ¿Qué Culpa Tiene Fatmagul? (What is Fatmagul's Fault?), Tormenta de Pasiones (Storm of Passions), actually many of its products have been very good. Now they have new products, which I hope will work quite well.”