PRODU webinar with Humberto Miró, Montse García, Emilio Pina y Jorge Giraldo

Kisses and embraces cannot disappear from stories
Aliana González, Mexico City|23 de junio de 2020

Montse García, Fiction Director at Atresmedia TV, Emilio Pina, Executive Producer of the series Servir y Proteger from Plano a Plano, Humberto Miró, Executive co-Producer Boomerang TV´s series Acacias 38 and Jorge Giraldo, Production VP and partner of Cienaguera were the panelists of the fourth PRODU webinar Arranque de Grabaciones Con Los Nuevos Protocolos, in which they spoke about experience of Spanish fiction productions, that started in the middle of May.

One of the conclusions they reached was that kisses and embraces cannot be eliminated from stories, mainly if it is in melodramas. "Some stories can be made shorter. For example, Amar es Para Siempre is a series that can be limited a bit, but others such as Alba, that just started production, is more complex because it is a love story in which there has to be physical contact between actors, regardless of the special precautions we try to take. In the case of Deudas, another series we are making, if you shorten it, part of the script is going to change" said Montse García.

All the panelists agreed on this point. Humberto Miró commented that they were the first to start production with the protocols, and were afraid naturalness would be lost in actors' work.

Pina recalled the case of porn cinema when HIV/AIDS, when, in the end, they reached the conclusion that they had to co-exist with the situation.

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