Otto Padron, president of Meruelo Media

KWHY-TV Los Angeles Channel 22 officially becomes MundoFox22

05 de julio de 2012

KWHY-TV Los Angeles Channel 22 officially became MundoFox22 during a launch party in Hollywood June 28 with more than 400 celebrities present and executives from the media and advertising industries. “Tonight was the beginning of a new era for television in Los Angeles” shared Otto Padron, president of Meruelo Media. “The Spanish speaking television audience in Southern California as well as Media Advertisers looking to reach this growing market will finally have a new network destination that represents innovative and engaging news in addition to relevant and high quality entertainment programming. They now have a choice to watch and to make critical advertising buys and that choice is now MundoFox 22”. MundoFox, set to begin emissions on August 1, will include teleseries, telenovelas and weekly original programming. Some shows include El Capo, Kdabra, Minuto para Ganar, Corazones Blindados, Allá Te Espero, and Santísimas.