Iñigo Pérez Tabernero, founding partner and COO of La Competencia

La Competencia: Televisa is the ideal partner that every company longs for
04 de diciembre de 2015

Three years after signing the alliance with Televisa, Iñigo Pérez Tabernero, founding partner and COO of La Competencia, received PRODU in its headquarters in Madrid, and revealed that their original format Stand up for Your Country has already been placed in 20 countries thanks to the distribution of Televisa Internacional. "It is the partner that every company longs for. They have opened up the world for our programming. Had it not been for Televisa, it would only be exhibited on Spanish screens”, he said. He explained why the company was called La Competencia, created barely 4 years ago. "We went out into the market to compete in a moment when some production companies were closing. People asked us why we were creating a company in such a difficult moment Spain was going through. However, we are happy with the results, although I particularly aim for more”. He indicated that they produce not only entertainment formats but also fiction, comedies and films. A comedy of theirs, Gym Tony, is currently being aired on La Cuatro, and is now in its second season. This year they also produced their first film, A Cambio de Nada, which has received awards in a couple of festivals and is now getting ready to compete for the Goya award.