Maca Rotter, CEO of La Panadería

La Panadería: Since this year we have licensed Netflix products in Mexico
23 de julio de 2021

Maca Rotter, CEO of La Panadería, affirmed that since this year they have the representation of Netflix in Mexico of new original IPs, anime, and kids. “It is a super interesting new stage to return to our beginnings since our greatest experience is the mining of content licensing. That's how we were born,” said Rotter.

She explained that they also have the same Netflix brand, so they are generating concepts that will be commercialized in the last quarter of the year. She explained that Netflix has a global agent that takes care of established trends, but La Panadería will focus on new trends in Mexico.

Rotter said that they work on the content that becomes a trend, such as Bridgerton, one of the most-watched series in the history of Netflix and that has become a worldwide phenomenon, which is why they develop products for the second and third seasons. "For example in Netflix Kids, most are 2022 launches because in the licensing business we have to go eight or nine months before to be able to develop the product and go on the market."

Beyond the agreement with Netflix, Rotter explains that it is a very noble business because something always happens. “We have been very lucky with the content of the brands with which we have licensing for Mexico because they are classics, for example, Sésamo, which has been very successful in the pandemic due to the message it has given to children and the support for people without resources; Dragon Ball, which is also a brand that, from being a classic, has become a very strong trend in anime.”