Silvana D’Angelo from Glowstar: Renewing the region's traditional love stories

La Suerte de Loli contributes with needed freshness
Cynthia Plohn, Buenos Aires|21 de enero de 2021

Silvana D’Angelo, CEO of Glowstar, told PRODU that Loli Miraglia, creator of the original idea of La Suerte de Loli from Telemundo Studios, to be launched on Tuesday, January 26 at 9pm, trusted her company to conduct the commercial management of her project.

“The story thrilled us from the first minute. As exclusive agents, we made the presentation for several clients and it is also our role to look for the buyer that resembles most what we are looking for in terms of content as well as the potential we see in it. Our relation with screens was, of course, one of the keys, as well as the fact that they trust our recommendations," she furthered.

She thinks it contributes a necessary freshness to renovate traditional love stories in the region. “It is a story created in the Latino market, but that has the modern and dynamic tone of users of new screens. Clients rapidly pinpointed this. Today, Hispanic content must compete with premium US and European productions. Finding a development that gathers the global objective is our ongoing quest, and undoubtedly, La Suerte de Loli fulfills it 100%,” she emphasized.

She recalled that this project's pitch was presented to the executives of original development for the daily primetime segment, and luckily, they rapidly found the proposal appealing.

She recognized that she was very anxious over their launch because for their creators it is a dream come true and for Glowstar it is about materializing the commercial strategy and ratifying it was the right one.