Bárbara López and Macarena Achaga will star in the spin off of the telenovela

Las Juliantinas from Amar a Muerte will have a film and possibly a series
Aliana González, Mexico City|09 de julio de 2019

Juliana and Valentina saw each other for the first time when crossing a street, since then, it impossible for them to be apart. They are the lesbian couple from the telenovela Amar a Muerte that will have a spin off, as it already happened with the Aristemo from Mi Marido Tiene Más Familia.

These characters from the Televisa novela, played by Bárbara López and Macarena Achaga, have become a social network phenomenon, with a great deal of raw material to generate more content for different platforms and screens.

Billy Rovzar, from Lemon Studios, and Carlos Bardasano, from W Studios, confirmed the realization of a film on the story of this love between women Videocine. Rovzar explained that the series is also being written, but it depends on the agreements with the platforms for it to be consolidated. Leonardo Padrón, who wrote Amar a Muerte, writes Las Juliantinas.

“We are happy that a story by Leonardo Padrón has had this much resonance worldwide. Thanks to this love story, we managed to have a connection with fans which means much more than the topic of sexual orientation. It is a story that talks about inclusion, that we can all feel less at some point. This story made us see all that can be overcome, and that generated great empathy in the audience. We are listening to fans to know what they want to see in the film," said Bardasano.

Billy Rovzar, from Lemon Studios, commented that with the audience´s participation through the website they created for that purpose, they are receiving comments to enrich the story from the moment of the writing phase. “It is a topic that is not ours, it belongs to the fans” he pointed out.

Last June 23, Juliantinas and their fans were a hit at the MTV Miaw 2019 awards, upong receiving the awards in the categories Couple on Fire and Fandom.