José Escalante, CEO of Latin Media

Latin Media: Mi Destino es Cuidarte and Deja Vu seal a commercial milestone with Turkish products
26 de julio de 2019

Latin Media recently closed distribution alliances with two of the most important companies in Turkey for the exclusive representation of two superbly made dramas that are audience hits in the European country, as of the second half of 2019: Mi Destino es Cuidarte (71x45’) and Deja Vu: Laberinto de Pasión (100x45’).

“We are truly motivated to give our very best. These agreements definitely mark a milestone in in the commercial relation between Latin Media and both companies. I am convinced that these will be the first of many agreements we will celebrate with both companies” mentioned José Escalante, CEO of Latin Media.

Deja Vu: Laberinto de Pasión tells the story of an impossible love between Aziz and Feride, who will find themselves in an emotional labyrinth that will dig into old quarrels y bring out into the light murky secrets whose protagonists are the families of both characters.

Mi Destino es Cuidarte tells the story of the young fisherman Omer who, overnight will face a powerful people-trafficking mafia.