José Escalante explains that in these moments of crisis the important thing is to be flexible

Latin Media: We have to be flexible
Ríchard Izarra / Erika Della Giacoma|27 de marzo de 2020

José Escalante, CEO of Latin Media, explains that in these moments of crisis the important thing is to be flexible, even delivering material without having signed contracts in our hands. 

The signing of a contract can be a long process for channels and distributors. “We are a small company and on our side it is very easy”.

Negotiating through an email, with agreed prices and terms, is enough to hand in material, comments Escalante. “There are cases of clients who require urgent material and we know we will not arrive in time to the delivery if we wait for the physical agreement. If the rest of distributors are not doing it, I recommend making the process more flexible". Obviously, this happens with well-known clients with whom we have been doing business. With new clients it would be necessary to have certain considerations he adds.

On the other hand, he advises programmers to ensure a payment commitment and, further on, when we overcome this situation, we will resolve.

“We have to help each other in this moment when programmers, television channels are needing programming because they have stopped their own productions. We must be there to give them the finished programming".