Sergio Nakasone from WarnerMedia: Chilevisión and CDF (Canal del Fútbol) managed to adapt rapidly when the pandemic disrupted their routines
Limitations invite you to be more creative
Marcela Tedesco, Buenos Aires|03 de septiembre de 2020

Chilevisión and CDF (Canal del Fútbol) managed to adapt rapidly when the pandemic disrupted their routines. In ten days all the news and live sports programs were activated remotely.

They also adapted the rest of the contents and programming. Yo Soy, for example, combined the new season with the last one, and Pasapalabra went ahead with an audience made of carton.

Meanwhile, CDF got prepared for the return of soccer to Chile last weekend (August 29 and 30), inaugurating a “virtual board”, an initiative based on the experience of the Premier League, where all the fans register to encourage their teams from their homes. The appearances, as in regular broadcasts, take place in goals, polemic moves, penalties, substitutions, etc.

“People are forced to watch games from their homes, then the natural thing is to show fans encouraging their teams from home. There, a commercial opportunity with a sponsor came up," commented Sergio Nakasone, Director of Entertainment Content Development at WarnerMedia LatAm.

With this innovation, that appeared out of necessity, they took out the fan from the multitude it is normally part of and put him center stage. "Limitations invite you to be more creative, and this idea of fans as stars were the cover of La Cuarta, the second most important newspaper in Chile,” highlighted Nakasone.

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