Space is disinfected before and after shooting

Litopos: Under strict safety measures shooting AAA wrestling
Aliana González, Mexico City|05 de mayo de 2020

Juan Maldonado, CEO of Litopos Producciones, commented that after a month without any wrestling, they began shooting Lucha Fighter AAA Live, made complying with a demanding protocol to maintain safe conditions on the set. It is aired on YouTube and Facebook Live, sponsors of the space, as well as TV Azteca Digital, and in delay on Multimedios, Medio Tiempo, and Milenio. The program is aired in direct every Saturday at 8pm (Mexico).

“Obviously, we are shooting without an audience, all the attendees' temperature and health are monitored, especially wrestlers'. The ring, bathrooms, and the entire set are disinfected before and after the shooting. The entire personnel uses a safety kit (N95 masks, masks that cover the entire face, latex gloves), as well as maintaining a 2-meter distance between people said Maldonado, after mentioning that they reduced production personnel to a minimum. Another measure they are taking is for wrestlers to follow strict quarantine the time before shooting to guarantee their health and that of their partners. The number of cameras was reduced from eight to five.

The last program has 234 thousand views with around 60 thousand people connected indirect, while the first already accumulates more than a million. Commentators, who are usually next to each other, are maintaining a distance of two meters. Microphones are disinfected and are not shared. The audience can choose who fights against who through voting and the only fights allowed are one to one.

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