Juan Maldonado, CEO of Litopos Producciones

Litopos: We are venturing into fiction
25 de julio de 2019

Juan Maldonado, CEO of Litopos Producciones, said on #VisitaPRODU that his production company, founded more than five years ago in Mexico, has always focused on entertainment formats, however, they are starting to produce fiction.

“We are in negotiations with Amazon to produce our first fiction. It will be made jointly with the company Dramax from Colombia, who are specialists in this genre we are venturing into,” added Maldonado.

The series will be based on a Mexican novel that is a five-book saga, taken to the screen in three seasons, 12 episodes each. It is a black drama, to be developed as a comic, and is about the story of two women who come from entirely different realities. "One is the daughter of a deceased drug dealer, who starts a business of course related with organized crime; and the other one is a policewoman fighting against corruption. It is going to be great fun. It appealed to me very much that it is so different and this is what I like to do and what platforms are looking for," he expressed.

He also announced they are producing, together with Eugenio Derbez and his production company, a docureality on a roadtrip made by Omar Chaparro and his 14-year old son, from Los Angeles to Chihuahua in Mexico. This production will be available on the PantaYa platform for the US Hispanic market.