Ana Bond of Sony Pictures Television is in Cancun promoting the project

Los Caballeros las Prefieren... with new version
21 de noviembre de 2019

Los Caballeros las Prefieren Brutas will have a new version. Ana Bond, SVP and general director of International Production for Latin America and US Hispanic of Sony Pictures Television, is at MIP Cancun promoting this project that will feature some of the writers who participated in the original show.

Los Caballeros las Prefieren Brutas is a story based on the book of the Colombian writer Isabella Santo Domingo that premiered in 2010 and was produced by Laberinto for SPT and Caracol Televisión. The scripts for the three seasons that comprised the original version of the show were written by Claudia Fernanda Sánchez, Jörg Hiller, Pedro Miguel Rozo, and Rosa Clemente.