Luis Villanueva, CEO of SomosTV and Somos Distribution is the new company’s president and CEO

Luis Villanueva launches Somos Productions
27 de septiembre de 2011

Luis Villanueva, CEO of SomosTV and Somos Distribution, announced the creation of the company Somos Productions, dedicated to the production of content for television and other platforms. Mary Black-Suárez, a recognized producer in the Hispanic television industry will join the new company as the executive vice-president. Villanueva, one of the promoters of television production in South of Florida in his previous positions in the industry, is the new company’s president and CEO, expanding his presence from the production of pay television channels and content distribution to this new business. “Somos Productions is the continuation of the successful experience of a team, which materialized in successful programs in the genres of talk shows, soap operas and varieties, among others. I believe that the accumulated experience in TV production at reasonable costs, flexible structures and with international quality level that we obtained, turns us into an attractive option based on the knowledge of popular genres and in the handling of complex processes,” says Villanueva. With more than 25 years of experience in the television industry, Black-Suárez produced some of the most recognized and influential programs of the Latin television, including Premio Lo Nuestro, Nuestra Belleza Latina, Qué Dice la Gente?, and Calle Ocho, among others. In the last 10 years Black-Suárez has worked as an independent producer for important companies in the television and music industries.